Packing up and getting on the road


As promised we’ll try to keep a blog going for our trip.

I’m aware that people fall into different groups with blogs but I’ll try to cater for both main groups (as I see them).

Group 1: I’m busy, show me pictures and I’ll read a paragraph so don’t waffle on (I’m usually in this group so I thought it’d be nice to cater for like-minded people). I’ll have pictures throughout the blog and a summary paragraph at the end for you to scroll down to.

Group 2: Show me everything! You’ll get what group 1 gets and more.

So as you know, we’ve decided to take a family gap year to spend time with family and travel. Handing in our resignations meant we were committed to the plan. I reckon that if you’re thinking of doing something similar, don’t think too much about the decision (you’ll talk yourself out of it), but once you make the decision, start thinking (there’s a lot to organise!). It was stressful at times but with help from some great friends we got there. It’s sad to leave our Kiwi Whanau behind but we’ll be back.


Pic 1. Saoirse helping with the packing


Pic 2. Finding inventive ways to entertain Saoirse so we could get on with packing


Pic 3. Our home packed away in a storage container

After a bit of back and forth, we decided that having a campervan would suit us best. With help from Kate’s parents we were able to pick up a great campervan from the UK that was here when we touched down. It’s four berth but a manageable size. Getting insurance for a motorhome without a UK licence (I’ve just got my NZ one now) was tricky but after days of ringing around we finally got a reasonable quote. TOP TIP: Once a van goes over 6m long and 3m high the ferries cost double so get one under this.

Pic 4. Our Fiat Chausson Welcome 9 motorhome

So we’re one day away from leaving for Sweden. It’s been a bit of a rushed visit UK and Ireland before we go but Kate’s job in Sweden starts on June 11th. It’s been great to see family and for them to see Saoirse. We lucked out and caught the few days of Irish summer that there will be this year.

Pic 5. Saoirse being sun smart in Ireland

Hey group 1. We’ve packed up everything in NZ. Pretty flat out with some long days but felt great to get onto the plane. Nice couple of days in a very hot Dubai before some great family times in Ireland and England. We’ve packed the campervan and are driving to Sweden tomorrow (Tuesday 5th June)! Woohooo


10 thoughts on “Packing up and getting on the road”

  1. Number two number two number two… I hope you are not trying to trick me here… I used to split my groups into group one and two when I was a ski teacher… but the ulterior motive was to be able to yell “number two” at them as they skied past… the shit skiers in “number two” group 😉… safe travels to the beautiful camper van clan


  2. Looking forward to reading along. I love the tips so keep them coming too. It’s a crazy journey but worth the effort!


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